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ultimate blackjack tour

This ugly little website can help you win your share of the 
$1,000,000 prize pool at the Ultimate Blackjack Tour
Help you qualify for the World Series of Blackjack!
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Common misspellings:

Black Jack
Blak Jak
Blac Jac
blakc jakc
Ultimat blackjack tour
Utlimat balck jak tour
world seris of blackjack
wurl series of blackjack
whurl serid of blackjack
whurld series of black jack


Qualify for the Ultimate Blackjack Tour,
World Series of BlackJack, and
other tournaments here.

Play online poker with thousands of real people for FREE

Television schedule
CBS on Saturdays.
Check your local listings for the Ultimate Blackjack Tour or
CBS Sports Spectacular.
It has been airing around 1:00 EST, but some markets change the schedule.

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You have watched the UBT on CBS and WGN and you think you can do better?

So you can count to 21?
And you want your share of the $1,000,000+ jackpots?

Start your journey here.  Online.

Click one of the links or banners that you find on our site.  You will find yourself at a great site to qualify for the next big main event!

Have you qualified for the Ultimate Blackjack Tour?
You can qualify for free on the UBT website, but if you sign up for the $19.95 package, you can win thousands of $$.

There will be tons for players that you will be competing against which is fine if you have more time than money and can devote hours to the computer screen.
If you are like the rest of us, with a family and job, you might want to try one of the blackjack sites that lets you play elimination blackjack with stronger players and bigger jackpots where you have to (gulp) wager some real money to qualify.
It's up to you.  Do you have the time to fight with the masses for a free shot at the Ultimate Blackjack Tour, or would you like to take the express lane?

Everyone is trying to qualify at ClubUBT.com, so beat the crowd and better your odds for a bigger payout at one of these other online options:

Ultimate Bet
no longer has UBT qualifiers, but you can get some practice in with real money players who are aiming for the big bucks just like you. 

Bet21 is a good place to go to to practice your skills.
Learn to play like the pros and receive a free copy of "Play To Win" when you deposit money into a new bet21 account.

For other online BlackJack Tournaments:

Nine.com has a $3,000 BlackJack Invitational Tournament

Absolute Poker
Absolute Poker has Blackjack!
Up to $750 matching signup bonus.
USA Players Welcome


Here is the online option to qualify for the Ultimate Blackjack Tour
at ClubUBT.com
Play online poker with thousands of real people for FREE
USA Players are welcome from
all States.

Other Online BlackJack Tournaments:

100% Match Bonus up to $350
Start your Ultimate BlackJack Tour qualifier at Ultimate Bet for as little as $5.50.

Deposit Options: VISA, MasterCard, FirePay, VISA electron, Click2Pay, Citadel, Citadel checks, MyCitadelWallet, NeTeller, MoneyBookers, bank draft.

100% sign up match bonus up to $650!
Bet21 is one of the sponsor sites for the Ultimate BlackJack Tour televised finals.  Click here to start your online qualifying now. 

Learn to play like the pros and receive a free copy of "Play To Win" when you deposit money into a new bet21 account.

Blackjack Bonus dollars are coming soon.

Sit 'n Go buy ins for as little as $1

Bet21 has email support and accepts the following deposit methods:
VISA, MasterCard, NETeller, Click2Pay, MoneyBookers, Citadel Checks, Maestro, FirePay, VISA Electron, SOLO, SWITCH, Delta, and wire transfers.
They will even let you mail a cashier's check to them!

Nine.com BlackJack Invitational Tournament
$3,000 in prize money
Nine.com has an in-house BlackJack Tournament.  You can buy-in for as little as $1!  The tournament will finish much quicker than UBT.
They may have different rules than UBT, so be sure to read the fine print! 

Absolute Poker
Absolute Poker has regular multi-player Blackjack Tournaments
Cash prize money
Absolute Poker has regular multi-player BlackJack Tournaments.  
Up to $750 matching signup bonus.
Plus Royal Match bonus play!
USA Players Welcome

Crazy BlackJack tournaments!

Crazy BlackJack tournaments!
In addition to placing a regular bet, Crazy BlackJack gives you an option to place three different side bets before you are dealt your opening hand of two cards. Your players will enjoy these great features of Crazy BlackJack:

-777 Jackpot Bet A chance to win $150,000 with just a $1 bet

-Highest Hand Bet Get paid for predicting the highest hand

-Safe Bet Even a bad hand can pay out

Multi-hand play including all the features of Classic BlackJack
Welcome Bonus: 50% match bonus up to $100
Deposit Methods Accepted: VISA, MasterCard, EuroCard, Diners Club, Debit Cards, bank accounts (on- and off-line), ACTeCASH, ePassporte, FirePay,
FirePay by telephone, MoneyBookers, NeTeller, CashPrePaidCard, PaySafeCard, Pre Paid Cards, Chinese Debit Cards, Laser Debit Cards, Boleto Deposits, Deposito Refrenciado, European Cheques, PayPoint Invoice, Commerzbank Onlinebankingweb, Deutsche Bank 24 Direct Debit, Dresdner Bank Internetbanking, ELBA Direct Debit, eNETS, Hansabank, Click&Buy 

NO USA Players




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Poker 'N Stuff
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