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This ugly little website can help you win $1,000,000 at the Ultimate BlackJack Tour
Help you qualify for the World Series of BlackJack!

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Common misspellings:

Black Jack
Blak Jak
Blac Jac
blakc jakc
Ultimat blackjack tour
Utlimat balck jak tour
world seris of blackjack
wurl series of blackjack
whurl serid of blackjack
whurld series of black jack



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You watch it on CBS on Saturdays and you think you can do better?

So you can count to 21?
And you want your share of the $1,000,000+ jackpots?

Start your journey here.  Online.

Click one of the links or banners that you find on our site.  You will find yourself at a great site to qualify for the next big main event!

Ultimate Bet
now has the UBT qualifiers.

Bet21 is a good place to go to.

For other BlackJack Tournaments:

Nine.com has a $3,000 BlackJack Invitational Tournament


Here are some Online options to qualify for the Ultimate BlackJack Tour Satellite Tournaments

100% Match Bonus up to $650
Start your Ultimate BlackJack Tour qualifier at Ultimate Bet.

100% sign up match bonus up to $650!
Bet21 is one of the sponsor sites for the Ultimate BlackJack Tour televised finals.  Click here to start your online qualifying now. 
For as little as $5.50 you can win a spot at the Ultimate BlackJack Tour stop in St. Kitts!

Nine.com BlackJack Invitational Tournament
$3,000 in prize money
Nine.com has an in-house BlackJack Tournament.  You can buy-in for as little as $1!  The tournament will finish much quicker than UBT.
They may have different rules than UBT, so be sure to read the fine print! 

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